High Security Chain Link Fence

These type of fences are used for Airports, Military installations, jails, Power and telecommunications installations, etc.

In this fence the height varies from 2.4 to 3.4 meters and a double crank with 6 rows of barbed wires and a roll of Concertina Barbed Tape which can fully stainless steel, Galvanized  and different sizes which have sharp blades so that no intruder can get through these fences.  Some installations they used on the ground also used the concertina barbed tapes rolls so that there is no chance anybody can come near to this fence.


Gates can be done as single leaf swing type, double leaf swing and sliding type gates infilled with chain link mesh, etc. 


With chain link mesh system we can build up various types of play courts for tennis, badminton,  volleyball, football, etc.  which also can be covered with shade nets for privacy


Welded mesh fencing system is more decorative and expensive than chain link fence but mostly used on gardens, parks,  children play area, etc.  It is manufactured with certain set of standard panel system which is connected

The same types of different security systems are available and can be fabricated/installed in welded mesh fence system also as chain link fence systems.