Chain link fencing system is the common and most economical perimeter security fence almost all types of facilities and infrastructures.

Chain link fence can be classified as follows

Standard Chain Link Fence

Normally 2 meters high chain link fence is done with standard chain link mesh with pvc coated wire thickness 2.5/3.5 mm thickness, 50x50 mm opening and Circular hollow sections say pipes which a polyester powder coated to dark green colour.  These types fences are usually in gardens, homes, etc.  Other common colour usually are blue, cream, red (for emergency), etc.  Some of the facilities standard height of the fence is 2.4 meter from the ground level.    In order to have more privacy of the plot some fix shade net on the fence so that nothing is visible what is inside the compound.  In this case the pipes should be higher size and thickness so that the fence will withstand the wind load and it will not fall down breaking the posts, etc.

In this part of the world fabricators have a tendency to make the fence with diagonal supports, etc. and in order fix the mesh make weld cleats on the some of the posts by which the galvanized posts are damaged and due to heat of the welding the zinc coating is removed and after powder coating on the bare metal it will not last long and will break the powder coating expose the bare metal which will have more chances of corrosion.  We recommend that instead of this system the accessories like brace, tension bands, double clamps, Offset Rail ends etc for the supports so that no welding is required on the fence posts.  This particular system is used most commonly in American and European countries.

Semi Security Chain Link Fence

Semi Security Chain Link Fence is made with a crank 45degree bent arm on which barbed wire 3 rows are fixed it so that climbing over the fence is not possible.

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